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At the General Meeting in Kuala Lumpur in September 1999 it was agreed that CAPSL, as a service to its members, both Individual and Institutional, should seek to assemble and publish a database showing for each Commonwealth country the designations and roles of its government legal service(s) and an individual who could act as contact and rapporteur for the service. It was felt that such a service would be particularly helpful to smaller jurisdictions wishing to contact each other by way of mutual assistance.

There follows, on a country by country basis and in alphabetical order, details of the services that have so far responded to the request for information about their service. Information about other countries [or other services within a country for which some information has already been provided - see for example South Africa] will be added to this database as and when it is received.

Click on the flag of the country in which you are interested to see what information is available. If the information for which you are looking is not there and you wish to add information to the database, please click here.

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