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The primary AIMS of CAPSL are:
To support public sector lawyers in the carrying out of their professional duties;

To promote interest within the Commonwealth in all aspects of public sector law; and

To provide a focus and forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

MEMBERSHIP of CAPSL is open to:
As an Individual Member, any person who is qualified to be a member of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association (ie. a qualified lawyer in the Commonwealth practising in the public or private sectors or a law teacher) who is providing legal services to a public sector body or who teaches those who do or will provide such services.

As an Institutional Member, any national, state or regional professional body (or appropriate Committee or Group thereof) that represents such persons who are employed in the public sector.

The Association has a General Meeting during the course of and at the same venue as the triennial Commonwealth Law Conference.
A Newsletter is sent to all members at least once a year.
Providing opportunities for members visiting the UK to meet up with professional colleagues working in the UK or also visiting the UK.

Supporting the Secretariats of the Commonwealth Law Conferences by organising Conference sessions on significant public sector issues of general interest and by arranging seminars specifically for members.

Publicising the Newsletters, policy papers and notices of training events of member institutions.

Encouraging and supporting exchange and secondment arrangements for members.

Maintaining links with other bodies that have interests in common .

Promoting and developing training and consultancy services for those members that need them.