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As an Individual Member, any person who is qualified to be a member of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association (i.e.. a qualified lawyer in the Commonwealth practising in the public or private sectors or a law teacher) who is providing legal services to a public sector body or who teaches those who do or will provide such services.

As an Institutional Member, any national, state or regional professional body (or appropriate Committee or Group thereof) that represents such persons, government legal services and the Legal and Constitutional Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat .

There is at present no subscription, the limited administrative costs being currently met by the  Government Solicitors' Committee of the Law Society of New South Wales, Australia.
Applications for membership should be sent to the Secretary:
Greg Ross,
PO Box 403,
NSW 2088

Email: CAPSL@bigpond.com

Applications should state category of membership sought and qualifications for membership. An email address should be given if one is available.

Members are asked to advise the Secretary of any subsequent change in their email addresses so that records can be kept up to date

Email addresses of  members are no longer no longer posted on the site but can be obtained from the Secretary at his discretion

CAPSL - Current Membership - Individual


  Di Stafford   Commonwealth Secretariat  
Victoria Abigail Australia
Michael Antrum Australia
Bill Bale Australia
Linda Barnes Australia
Sonia Brownhill Australia
Kim Cull Australia
Tim Cave Australia
Rozalyn Daniell Australia
Shireen Delaney Australia
Josephine Di Fava Australia
Catherine Dineen Australia
Eric Dyrenforth Australia
Toby Forde Australia
Deborah Foy Australia
Rebecca French Australia
Assunta Fuda Australia
Ian Govey Australia
Jane Graham Australia
Brendan Grigg Australia
John Harley Australia
Chris Hodges Australia
Jonathon Hunyor Australia
Tony Jacobs Australia
Adam Johnston Australia
Roy Lee Australia
Stephen Lodge Australia
Helen Lynch Australia
Ray Matcham Australia
Jean McCulloch Australia
Robert Meadows Australia
Jenny Morris Australia
Derran Moss Australia
John Murn Australia
Nigel Oates Australia
Alison O'Brien Australia
Lyndon Owen Australia
Tom Pauling Australia
Mark Pedley Australia
Julie Pulford Australia
Mark Richardson Australia
Kay Robertson Australia
Greg Ross Australia
James Ruddle Australia
Ken Rudge Australia
Edwin Stone Australia
James Syme Australia
Lyn Tan Australia
Julie Vandort Australia
Jeremy Wainwright Australia
  Mike Walter   Australia  
Ken Whitcombe Australia
Judith Smith Bahamas
Wilhelm Bourne Bermuda
Khamisi Tokunbo Bermuda
Alexander Black Canada
Norma Beech Canada
Ann Chaplin Canada
Krista Daley Canada
Janet Erasmus Canada
Patricia DeGuire Canada
David Gates Canada
Irene Gendron Canada
Richard Graw Canada
Charles James Canada
Eric Johnston Canada
Cynthia Myslicki Canada
Lorraine Neil Canada
Peter Noonan Canada
Jonathan Penner Canada
Sukhi Sidhu Canada
Deana Silverstone Canada
Gregory Tardi Canada
Sharon Walter Canada
Harry Wruck Canada
Cheryl Neblett Cayman Islands
Roxane George Guyana
Savenaca Banuve Fiji
Barbara Malimali Fiji
John Wilson Hong Kong
Abhilash Nambia India
Michael Hylton Jamaica
William Bailhache Jersey
Clive Borrowman Jersey
Hon.E.D.A.Chibwana Malawi
Zaharah Ibrahim Malaysia
Shamsul Sulaiman Malaysia
Heliliah Yusof Malaysia
Satyajit Boolell Mauritius
Dheerendra Dabee Mauritius
Sultan Sohawon Mauritius
Vicki Erenstein ya Toivo Namibia
Peter Mitchell New Zealand
Val Sim New Zealand
Terence Arnold New Zealand
Robert Buchanan New Zealand
Lynda Mcalary-Smith New Zealand
Karen Muller New Zealand
Sian Smith New Zealand
R.A.C.E. Achara Nigeria
Kehinde Ajoni Nigeria
M. Dodo Nigeria
Akhtar Kureshi Pakistan
Jeffrey Chan Singapore
J.P.Celliers South Africa
Kobus Erasmus South Africa
Victoria Johnson South Africa
Msuthu Matshani South Africa
Jacques Wolmarans South Africa
Mahesika Assalaarachchi Sri Lanka
Suenel Fraser St. Vincent & Grenadines
Geoffrey Romany St. Kitts & Nevis
  Brandon Primus   Trinidad &Tobago  
  Kenisha Astwood   Turks & Caicos Islands  
Rehmah Nabunya Uganda
Roger Bowden United Kingdom
Pamela Clarke United Kingdom
Kuldip Channa United Kingdom
Clive Grenyer United Kingdom
Robin Ford United Kingdom
David Hamilton United Kingdom
Rhiannon Hood United Kingdom
Marilyn Iley United Kingdom
David Ingham United Kingdom
Chaudhary Javaid United Kingdom
  Rosemary Jeffries   United Kingdom  
Paul Jenkins United Kingdom
Jorina Jones United Kingdom
Mike Kendall United Kingdom
Helen Liddar United Kingdom
Peter MacMahon United Kingdom
Peter Rhodes United Kingdom
Stephen Rickitt United Kingdom
Nigel Roberts United Kingdom
  Christopher Robinson   United Kingdom  
Mark Ronan United Kingdom
  Matthew Waddington   United Kingdom - based Cyprus  
  Juliet Wheldon   United Kingdom  
Rebecca White United Kingdom
Mulako Libanga Zambia

As at 17 December 2004.  Email addresses deleted 24 May 2006


CAPSL - Current Membership - Institutional






  Legal Division Commonwealth Secretariat  
  ACT Division, Corporate Lawyers Association Australia  
  Crown Law Tasmania Australia  
  Government Solicitor's Office, Victoria Australia  
  Crown Solicitor's Office South Australia Australia  
  Attorney General's Chambers British Virgin Islands  
Department of Justice Canada
  Solicitor General's Office Fiji Islands  
  Attorney-General's Office Ghana  
  Attorney General's Office Jamaica  
  Attorney General's Office Kiribati  
  Judicial and Legal Services Malaysia    
  Solicitor General's Office Mauritius  
  Ministry of Justice New Zealand  
  Provincial Legal Service, North West Province South Africa  
  Provincial Law Advisory Service, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa  
  Government Legal Service St Vincents & The Grenadines  
  Government Legal Service United Kingdom    
  Crown Prosecution Service, England & Wales United Kingdom    
  NSW Government Solicitors' Committee Australia   
  Government Lawyers, Law Institute, Victoria Australia  
  Public Sector Lawyers Committee South Australia Australia  
  Government Lawyer's Committee, Queensland Australia  
  Government and Public Sector Lawyers Conference Canada  
  Committee of Lawyers in Government and Commerce New Zealand  
  Institute of Municipal Administration (IMASA) South Africa  
  Local Government Group, Law Society, England & Wales United Kingdom  
  In-house Lawyers Group, Law Society, Scotland United Kingdom  
  Association of Police Lawyers United Kingdom  


As at 17 December 2004. Email addresses deleted 24 May 2006