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As amended in Melbourne April 2003

The full title of the Association shall be "The Commonwealth Association of Public Sector Lawyers" hereinafter referred to as the Association.
The aims of the Association are:
2.1 to promote interest within the Commonwealth in all aspects of public sector law and its practice;

to provide a focus and forum for the exchange of information and ideas;

2.3 to support public sector lawyers in the carrying out their professional duties:
2.4 to provide machinery for the organisation or promotion of training and consultancy services for public sector lawyers;
2.5 to assist the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Commonwealth Lawyers Association and the organisers of the Commonwealth Law Conferences on all matters relating to public sector law and its practice; and
2.6 to undertake any activity relevant to and calculated to implement and foster all or any of the preceding aims.
3.1 Institutional Membership of the Association shall be open to such organisations and on such terms as the Association in General Meeting may from time to time decide but shall include national, state or regional professional bodies (or the appropriate committees or groups thereof), government legal services and the Legal and Constitutional Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat.
3.2  Individual Membership of the Association shall be open to any person who is qualified to be a member of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association and has a professional interest in the promotion of the aims of the Association. Membership of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association shall not be a requirement but shall be encouraged.
3.3 All applications for Membership of the Association shall be made to and dealt with by the Association Secretary in consultation as necessary with the Association Chairman. Approval of applications from qualified applicants shall not be withheld without reasonable cause.
3.4 Any member may resign from the Association at any time by notifying the Association Secretary accordingly.
3.5  All members shall pay such subscription if any as the Association in General Meeting may decide. Any membership may be terminated by the Association Secretary if, notwithstanding reminders, a member's subscription is more than three years in arrears or, where a subscription is not payable, the member has not responded within the preceding year to any approach by the Association Secretary.
4.1 A General Meeting of the Association shall normally be held during each Commonwealth Law Conference at the Conference venue.
4.2 The business of a General Meeting shall be:
1. To order the affairs of the Association;
2. To issue any guidelines to the Association officers for the operation and management of the Association's activities until the next General Meeting.
4.3 A General Meeting shall in particular have power:
1. To approve the minutes of the preceding General Meeting;
2. To receive, consider and adopt with or without modification any report from the Association officers
3.  To receive and approve the audited accounts of the Association;
4. To delegate to the Association officers such authority as it considers necessary to facilitate the due conduct of the Association's affairs;
5. To determine applications for Institutional Membership;
6. To fix membership subscription rates;
7. To define Association regions for any purpose;
8. To elect Association officers.
4.4  The Association Secretary shall, wherever practicable, give not less than six months notice to all members of the date, time and place of a General Meeting.
4.5 Decisions at General meetings shall normally be by consensus but if necessary may be made by a simple majority of those members present and voting, each member having one vote.
5.1 A Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer shall be elected at the General Meeting to hold office until the conclusion of the next General Meeting held at a Commonwealth Law Conference at which they shall, if willing, be eligible for re-election.
5.2 If any of these officers vacate office by resignation or otherwise before the conclusion of their term of office the vacant office shall be filled by the Chairman of the Association or, in the case of a vacancy in the post of Chairman, by the President of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association after carrying out such consultations as the President shall consider appropriate.
5.3 The Chairman, if present, shall preside at any General meeting. In the absence of the Chairman, another officer or member shall preside as decided by the General Meeting.
5.4 The Secretary and the Treasurer shall be responsible through the Chairman to the General meeting for respectively the administration and financial affairs of the Association. The Secretary and the Treasurer shall for ease of communication normally be from the same Commonwealth country but the same person shall not hold both offices.
5.5 The Secretary and Treasurer in the execution of their duties shall act in accordance with any guidelines given by the Association in General Meeting or otherwise as directed by the Chairman.
7.1 This Constitution can only be amended by the Association in General Meetings following the consideration of a report from the Association officers. Notice of amendment proposed in any such report shall be included in the Notice of meeting.
7.2 Amendments to the Constitution approved by a General Meeting shall take immediate effect unless the meeting otherwise decides.

As amended in General Meeting in Melbourne in April 2003

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