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South Australia

Head of Service
Post Title Crown Solicitor
Current Holder Mike Walter
Contact for Enquires
Name See above
Post Held  
Postal Address Crown Solicitor's Office
GPO Box 464
Adelaide SA 5001
Email Address mailto:cso.depcrown@agd.sa.gov.au
FAX Number +8 8463 6557
Telephone Number +8 8207 1720
Website Address http://www.cso.sa.gov.au/
Responsibilities of Service
The Crown Solicitor's Office, known as Crown Law, is an independent agency within the Attorney General's Department. It is exists to provide the South Australia Government with legal services and advice where the risk is high; there is a significant need for a public sector perspective; or the work is otherwise in the public interest. It otherwise competes with the private sector to provide the services and advice needed by the Government.
Number of Lawyers Employed 150